Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Last Date Modified May 17, 2021.

The protection of your privacy is important to The Gathering Place Co-op. To assist you in understanding our processes and procedures better, the following information will cover: 

  • What personal information will be collected;
  • How that information is protected;
  • How that information will be used; and
  • How you can change or remove that information.

By registering on or utilizing the services provided by our site, you are acknowledging and accepting this Privacy Policy. Occasionally, we may have to revise our policy. If the change is substantial, you will be notified by email. For less substantive changes, the date of last revision will be available at the top of this page, so please be sure to check back periodically. Your continued use of our site after changes have been posted will constitute your acceptance of such changes.

What Personal Information We Collect

By joining our service, you consent to being contacted via electronic mail. Electronic mail is our primary method of communicating with our customers. Customers can unsubscribe from our email services by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ links on individual emails, or by cancelling their services with us.

We collect personal information that enables us to identify you including, without limitation, your name, address, one or more email addresses, one or more telephone numbers. In addition, we collect information required to arrange payments which may include credit card details or banking account information to enable us to automatically receive payments for products delivered. We also collect information on how we should deliver our products to you to best maintain the quality of the products and allow you to receive them with ease.

How Your Information is Protected

All personal information is collected with the highest of SSL 128 bit encryption. We attempt to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of your personally identifiable information. Our servers are protected by reasonable physical and electronic security measures. Only authorized employees, contractors or agents of The Gathering Place Co-op have access to your information and only after agreeing to keep that information confidential.


How Your Information Will Be Used

The Gathering Place Co-op uses the information you provide to effectively deliver the products you have requested and to keep you informed of the business and process including, without limitation, notifications of final order modification dates, changes that you have made to your orders, invoices and notifications of when orders will be delivered, and information about change of process or products at The Gathering Place Co-op and to collect monies for the delivery of the products.

The Gathering Place Co-op will not sell, trade, rent or in any way provide third parties with customer lists or access to your personal data except as required to deliver the services we offer, in accordance with court of law orders, or at the explicit direction of inspectors or agents of a federal, provincial or municipal agency.

How You Can Change or Remove that Information

You can change or remove your personal information by contacting us by phone at 780-504-3565 or by email at You may also access and modify your account information by logging into your account.

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Mandy Melnyk

Meet more about Mandy.

Mandy Melnyk is a board member and producer.

In 2011, Mandy made the decision to make a living on the land. She began growing organic vegetables like onions, garlic and beets, and raising chickens and turkeys outside. She believes that when it comes to raising animals, there is no healthier animal than an animal that is free and able to garnish the natural nutrients from the grasses around us. She believes in regenerative and holistic farming practices such as not just feeding the plant, but feeding the soil so that it will be able to produce for future generations.

“In July of 2018, when we decided that we needed to start getting some actual collective marketing power in the North – not only to distribute our products, but to create. To create some of the best pies and pierogies that Weasel Creek ever saw. It’s a bit of a work-in-progress as we learn how to put together our individual farms and talents. It’s like putting together a puzzle – every person that joins the Co-op may be a farmer, they may be a chef, but they all fit because they have a passion and a love for our rural communities.

The essence of our Co-op is not just about a place to come and eat, it’s about understanding that there’s a respect for the land and that the goods are being produced in and around our area. It’s a respect both ways – producers/caretakers and consumers.

As member-producers, together, we’ll be able to learn from each other to enhance ourselves as individual producers but also as a collective co-op.

It’s important for people to know that they can grow food in our rural communities and what our hope for the Co-op is that we can collectively market that for them so that small people who want to make an income off of the soil that exists in our communities can do so without thinking that they have to be really big. There is a place for small production in our rural economies and we want to help people harness that.”

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