Next delivery date for Edmonton is April 22, 2021 – Order Deadline Noon on April 20, 2021
Next delivery date for Fort McMurray is April 22, 2021 – Order Deadline Noon on April 20, 2021

Do I need to create an account to order and or what is the benefit of having an account?

We had a question about not being prompted to create an account during the check out process.  We know that we can order without creating an account but some explanation of that might be good. As a side note, I am trying to sort out a customer loyalty kind of program and I think it is going to be have to be based on purchase totals…I am thinking something like 5% off after $500 in sales (or something like that). Setting up an account might be one way for customers to track that so maybe we need to look at having to set up an account?  Hmmm…turns out I can ramble in an email too.

Can a payment be made via credit card over the phone?

Not at this time

What to do if the order does not go thru?

For example, the customer who did not want to enter her credit card information twice, and you suggested the problem was that she did not check off the terms and conditions box.

Who to contact if there are questions?

Michelle Melnyk at 780-504-3565 or via email at or at

Can I pick up my order?

Please contact us at 780-504-3565 or via email at or at to discuss options.

What is the email address to send an e-Trasfer payment?