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Bill served as a delegate for Northern Alberta Dairy Pool and Agrifoods International Dairy Cooperative. He received the Dairy Industry Achievement Award in 2016 from the Alberta Milk Organization.

Bill graduated in 1952 from the Vermilion School of Agriculture. He was an elected delegate to the Alberta Cattle Commission from 1979 to 85. In 1992 he was an intervener in the Energy Resources Conservation Board of Alberta sour gas hearings. That same year his farm was named “Farm of the Year” by the SPCA. Bill served as a board member of Big Lake Environmental Support Society and he is presently a board member of the Alberta Surface Rights Federation.

The loss of agricultural co-ops in Canada is a tragedy. My grandfather was a founding member of the Northern Alberta Dairy Producers. My father was a founding member of the Alberta Wheat Pool and on the executive of the St. Albert Credit Union.

I support The Gathering Place Co-op as an alternative to the monopolistic multinational business model that dominates today.