Next delivery date for Edmonton is April 22, 2021 – Order Deadline Noon on April 20, 2021
Next delivery date for Fort McMurray is April 22, 2021 – Order Deadline Noon on April 20, 2021

Delton Jubinville is a rancher, entrepreneur and advocate for health and environment who lives our Co-op’s values by example. He sees The Gathering Place Co-op as a catalyst for change and the potential for this model to expand into rural communities all throughout Alberta and eventually beyond. If done right, this model will also have a strong impact on urban communities as they too, want to be able to help and share in a healthy environment, one that feels natural,  wholesome, and which connects back to local products and the land that provides them. Delton believes in promoting local healthy products and that everyone should do their part to promote healthy lifestyles. With its no-waste approach, The Gathering Place Co-op is an inspirational model to deliver wholesome change and a true connection to healthy, wholesome, local food.

The only way I’d be active in farming is in sustainability. It has to be sustainable, so we can’t abuse our land. We’ve got to work with all of the microbiology of the soil and the combined animals, and culture practices and those kinds of things that I’m a strong believer in. The Co-op is true sustainability because it’s helping local producers and consumers so they can get quality, fresh food easily accessible. So, as the Co-op would grow, you would see more sustainability in farming period.