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Next delivery date for Fort McMurray is April 22, 2021 – Order Deadline Noon on April 20, 2021

Doug Scott is a board member and long-time family friend of the Melnyks.

Doug spent 30 years working as a school principal in rural Alberta where he experienced both the best and the worst of situations that children growing up in Alberta contend with. During his teaching career, he also ran his family grain farm and cropped over 2000 acres a year. Doug retired from his education career in 2005, but continues to farm. Doug has always been a strong supporter of the co-op structure having served on the executive board of the National Farmers Union for 10 years and been the regional director for Alberta for another 10. Doug was also one of the original investors in Providence Grain, a private farmer-owned grain company that emerged after the demise of the farmer-owned prairie grain pools.

Doug feels The Gathering Place Co-op will be an example of how a group of people with a vision can create a unique food outlet that supports local farmers and provides local employment opportunities. He thinks that nationally, it will fit in with our government’s food strategy policy and provincially, provide an example of how communities can diversify their economy. Doug likes to see things succeed and has great respect for people who are willing to take chances.

We do see some smaller potato producers in the area, and we see quite a few guys producing honey, Mandy with her chickens, Dalton with his beef. So, it’s just a different model of food production which means you’re not buying your asparagus from China.