Next delivery date for Edmonton is April 22, 2021 – Order Deadline Noon on April 20, 2021
Next delivery date for Fort McMurray is April 22, 2021 – Order Deadline Noon on April 20, 2021

Benefits of Working with the Co-op

The commercial kitchen will provide the bistro with fresh, homemade stock, while also providing producer-members and local food producers a proper place to curate their recipes and make their wares. The commercial kitchen will provide a place to learn, create, share, and enjoy the art of preparing locally-grown. It will fortify community connectedness and ownership and will satisfy a local craving for a facility of this nature and the products and services that it can provide.

Membership With Us

Producer-member ownership in The Gathering Place is open and voluntary, meaning that anyone can become a producer-member provided that they can contribute to the co-op’s services and that they are willing to accept the responsibilities as set out by the Board of Directors in the governance structure. Open membership also means that members will not be discriminated against based on gender, social, racial, political, or religious grounds.


Membership Equity

In order for a Co-op to thrive, all members buy a share. This helps the project move forward and provides stability. Buying a share of the Co-op instills obligation as a member, not just financially, but also where members take part in decisions of its direction. With your membership purchase, you help the Co-op come alive and provide perspective to the Board Members.

There are two classes of membership, Producer Class – $2500 and Supporter Class – $1250. To apply for Producer-Membership, please fill out the form below.

Producer-Members will have access to:

  • Owning a share of the business
  • Attending to annual meetings
  • Running for a position on the Board of Directors


Become a Producer-Member:

Please fill out the form below to tell us about yourself and your product!